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May 2017

Interiors Simple Pleasures

Decorating Your Home With A Coastal Vibe – with Happy + Co*

May 15, 2017

I love bringing the outside in and am always collecting little natural things on walks and holidays to dot around our home. Lichen, sticks, dried flowers and interesting foliage all make their way here to sit in jars and pots. Having lived my life as far away from the sea as you can pretty much get, the coast has always had a romantic, windswept allure to me.

Consequently, most of my favourite natural scavengings have come from the sea: driftwood, shells, but most of all, pebbles. I have a real thing for pebbles. I look for interesting colours, a beautiful smooth surface to rub my thumb against, and a shape that tells its story from the sea to me.

So when I found the Pebble cushion by Happy + Co*, I pretty much imploded with how perfect it was for our coastal living room. Inspired by this piece, I thought I’d share some of my tips for introducing a coastal vibe to your home.

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Simple Marketing Simple Self

Instagramming for Introverts: Social Media Success for the Shy

May 12, 2017

Remember those little personality quizzes that would do the rounds via email or MySpace back in the early 2000s? There would be ‘do you prefer dogs or cats?’ (dogs, of course), ‘what’s your favourite musical instrument?’ (better say guitar to look cool), and ‘are you an introvert or an extravert?’ This one was a little different. I always put extravert, because introvert meant loners and shy people, which wasn’t what I wanted to be. But I knew I wasn’t really an extravert either.

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Seasonal Stomach The Tea Journey

The Tea Journey: Sichuan Dew

May 7, 2017

Hello and welcome to a special May instalment of the Tea Journey. I want to break with the structure we’ve been following for the Tea Journey so far to really focus on the experience. Following on from last week’s Health, Happiness and Hustle post, I really wanted to take my time over this tea, to enjoy it mindfully and allow myself a break to drink it (after I’d finished running around taking photos of course!).

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Simple Pleasures

The Art of Beautiful Storytelling – with Jules & James*

May 4, 2017

I’m a little bit covetous, I think it’s one of the hangovers of being an only child. I like to have things to myself, Gollum-like. One such thing is a new podcast discovery, Jules and James, which I’ve been secretly listening to and not telling anyone about. Enough of that now, time to show the world.

The Jules & James podcast is an indefinite conversation beginning with a wrong number, and through the episodes you eavesdrop gloriously on two artists in different cities, and the stories they have to tell. That’s a ‘you had me at hello’ moment, right?* Continue Reading

Simple Marketing Simple Self

Health, Happiness and Hustle

May 1, 2017

Any mention of ‘self care’ gets a bit of an eye roll from me, to be honest. Aside from the odd bubble bath it’s never something I’ve gone in for, using stress and Lucozade to get me sleeplessly through deadlines, exams and web builds. While I understand its importance for the chronically ill, the ‘hashtagification of self care’, as I’ve seen it referred to, makes me avoid it like the plague. To me it feels like something for teenage girls with the time to bankrupt themselves in Lush, who have yet to feel the impossible weight of deadlines.

And yet.

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