The Tea Journey: Sichuan Dew

Hello and welcome to a special May instalment of the Tea Journey. I want to break with the structure we’ve been following for the Tea Journey so far to really focus on the experience. Following on from last week’s Health, Happiness and Hustle post, I really wanted to take my time over this tea, to enjoy it mindfully and allow myself a break to drink it (after I’d finished running around taking photos of course!).

The taste

Today I’ve been drinking Sichuan Dew, a steamed green tea from China. Steaming the tea highlights the grassy, refreshing flavour and gets rid of the bitterness you can get with some green blends. It halts the oxidation process and kills the enzymes in the freshly picked leaves.

Maybe it was the surprise May sunshine, but when drinking Sichuan Dew I had the distinct nostalgic taste of fruity ice lollies and how they would dribble down your hand in the sun. The steaming process really highlights the sweet notes of the tea, and despite the intense aroma this is a sweet, mellow tea that is effortlessly drinkable.

As I enjoyed it in the garden, it was perfectly easy to sip, each one a refreshing glide through the mouth. Even as it cools it is still a genuine pleasure, the taste by no means dependent on the temperature of the water. This is one cuppa you could forget about but still carry on drinking

The experience

Today it was seasonably warm. Given that the weather has been so unseasonal of late it was a welcome surprise, and I relished the chance to get outside in the garden away from all the tidying up that hasn’t been done inside.

I decided to make this a moment for myself, to enjoy the tea, to focus in on its flavours, and to read a few pages of my magazine before heading back inside to work. The tea was the perfect accompaniment to the typical summer sounds of cacophonous birdsong and someone sawing a few gardens away. Entrenched in my little green sliver I felt wholly luxurious.

Green tea, is, I think we can all agree, a summer drink. Yes it’s a nice burst of freshness in the colder months, but sat in a sunny garden today it really came into its own. Aside from the aforementioned ice lolly vibes, its refreshing sweetness evoked watery elderflower cordials, where the plainness of water is altered by an edge of something sweet and floral. With every sip I breathed in the intense steamy aroma and felt the flavour mellow across my tongue.

As I continued to sip and read, and read and sip, the tea cooled slowly to around body temperature so holding the cup was like holding its hand in mine. You could easily forget that you are drinking a hot drink or tea, it is just a refreshing ‘other’. Whether hot or cold it is just as sweet, clean and refreshing, the perfect accompaniment to summer days and nights.

You can view all of Jing’s green teas here – and if you’re not sure which green tea is for you, they have lots of guides online to help too.*

Are you a green tea lover? What’s your favourite variety?

*please note that these products were sent to me by Jing Tea to review – however, the words are all mine and from the heart.

  • I love how you always describe the most simple thing -drinking a cup of tea- in such detail. It’s what mindfulness is about after all, isn’t it? Turning small day-to-day actions into rituals. Personally I love drinking green tea all year long, it’s what I usually drink in the morning right before I start studying. My favourite is mint green tea – not only it has a lovely scent but it’s apparently good for your memory as well. 🙂