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July 2017

Simple Marketing

How To Use Visual Tropes To Build Your Audience

July 20, 2017

Last month Instagrammer extraordinaire Hannah Argyle wrote on her blog about Instagram clichés. There is so much negativity around what people perceive to be the clichés of Instagram (particularly as we come out of peony season..) that it was nice to read a sympathetic take on them. The gist of it was that clichés are clichés because they make good pictures, and as long as you’re orginial with your take on them, then the more the better.

But I’d take this even further. These clichés, or visual tropes, are in fact signposts to your target audience that you are exactly what they’re looking for. Because there isn’t just one set of clichés or tropes – every Instagram aesthetic and community has their own. Continue Reading

Simple Marketing

4 Ways To Respond To A Creative Prompt

July 12, 2017

We all get that blank page fear – whether you’re sitting down to a planning session, writing a blog post or getting the camera out, we all know how it feels to demand creativity from ourselves and get nothing in response. As much as we try to manage it, creativity cannot be tamed; it comes and goes as it chooses.

This is why people have invented creative prompts, so that when you’re staring blankly down the lens or at your keyboard there is something to prompt your brain to start thinking creatively. Creativity loves limitations, so when you have a framework within which to think, rather than unbridled freedom, it can be easier to come up with ideas. Continue Reading