Slow Living Intentions For 2018

Full disclosure, this post comes from an idea of my mum’s. Not big on resolutions, she’s written a list of 50 things she wants to do this year, which span from the specific (go on a spa day for the first time) to the general (be less scared). I’d planned to write a post about my slow living intentions but I wasn’t quite sure what form it was going to take, so I thought I’d join in with my mum and create a list of things I want to do in 2018.

Cup and book on a steamy wintery window ledge

You may remember from my post What Happens when Your Hobby Becomes Your Work that certainly in the last few months of 2017 I was really struggling with finding a balance between work and life, which was having a knock on effect to the blog because I didn’t exactly have a slow lifestyle to write about. So I’ve tried to keep this list focused on things I want to do in my life rather than in my business (although there is the odd thing sprinkled in).

This ties in with my word for the year, Steer (which you can read more about in my 2017 Review). Steer resonated with my because it gave me room to be proactive and reactive in my business, but also reminded me that I am in control, and I’m the one who can choose to let down the anchor and learn to knit if I so wish. Choosing that word was the permission I needed to let in more life.

I hope you find inspiration in this post, whether you want to write your own list or are looking for ideas to embrace simplicity in your life. Some of the items are pretty personal to me, and for some I’ve added a bit of background explanation about why I’m doing it. If you are thinking of writing your own list, here are some things to remember…

What This List Is:

  • Things you want to add to your life to improve it, not things you want to deprive yourself of
  • A way to set intentions and give yourself permission to do things for yourself

What This List Is Not:

  • Something to beat yourself up over – if you’re not doing each and every one by December that’s ok! They’re only intentions
  • Things you think you should want to do – if you don’t want to see more of your sister then don’t

Notebook, pen and cup of tea on a blanket in a window

My Slow Living Intentions for 2018

1 – Post less on Instagramthis may seem an odd one, but in 2017 I got into a cycle of daily posting I was too scared to break out of, and my evenings ended up being me watching tv and being on my phone (the very thing I started the blog to get away from). Posting less will enable me to do the thigns on this list.

2 – Have a working lunch in a cafe once a month

3 – Read 12 booksI didn’t read a single book in 2017. I need to change that.

4 – Try meditation

5 – Take time over my photographyI love taking photos but lately it’s felt very rushed. I want to get back into taking time over compositions and faffing.

Tea on a book on a blanket on a windowsill

6 – Explore somewhere new a couple of times a quarter – we live in an amazing place and have barely explored it at all

7 – Practice gratitude

8 – Go on holiday (preferably in a campervan) – we didn’t have a holiday last year and I really missed the closeness and camaraderie camping brings to our relationship

9 – Knit somethinggiven that I’ve never picked up a knitting needle this is a bigger challenge than it sounds!

10 – Complete an embroidery hoop

Stack book books on a grey blanket on a windowsill in winter

The next five are all health-related ones. After my back injury in January I barely exercised in 2017 and my diet became appalling after becoming self-employed. I want to focus on building strength and recognising my body again

11 – Go on a bike ride twice a month

12 – Get into a yoga habit – when I was dreaming of self-employment a big vision was doing yoga every morning

13 – Swim regularly againswimming was always my favourite exercise but after I hurt my back I hurt it even more by getting back into the pool too quickly, and have been terrified to try again

14 – Cook from fresh

15 – Eat vegetables!

Cup of tea on wooden table with biscuits

16 – Bake again

17 – Make efforts to meet peoplewhether that’s seeing friends, making an effort in the local community or meeting more people in our industry, I want to remember to make an effort with human interaction

18 – Walk more than just with dog

19 – Have an open mind to newlifestyle choicesI want to keep an open mind and try all sorts of things that enhance the life others, whether that’s aromatherapy, wabi-sabi or journaling

20 – Learn about the plants around us

Garlic bulb on slate

21 – Make homekeep on top of the chores (although this is unlikely)!

22 – Make more of my mornings – I’m not a morning person, so I tend to start work at 11am and go through into the evening, but I’d like to do something more than sleep in my mornings.

23 – Do some craft workshops

24 – Come to terms with my personal style – at some point this year I completely lost my personal style, and miss feeling good in what I’m wearing. I’d like to get back to that.

25 – Learn about bird calls

Pile of books and a pen on a wooden floor

26 – Save more money

27 – Invest in myself as a coach

28 – Help more people through the business – by this I mean, find new ways to help more people through different offerings and opportunities

29 – Keep track in my business

30 – Embrace side projects


What intentions are you setting for this year?


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  • Mirva

    Oh I loved these! Many of these would also be on my list if I had one. Spending less time on insta since Midsummer last year has definitely given me more time to focus on other pastimes such as swimming and reading. But I need to become more active socially so what you wrote about meeting more people and engaging more definitely resonated. Hope you get to do as many of these as possible; wish I could teach you how to knit, it’s so relaxing!

  • Oh what a beautiful list of intentions. I love the posting less on instagram and learning to knit as well as learn more about the plants around you. I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings for you. You are a huge inspiration lovely and I’m truly rooting for you this year. May 2018 be all that you could ever hope for and more.
    Peta x

  • You have a long list. I have done a few good resolutions and I hope to keep them. Best wishes!!

  • I’d like to swim again, go camping, and learn knitting as well! x

  • This is such a great list! Reading more books, baking, and having a go at crafts are on my list for this year.

    Kayleigh |

  • somersetness

    Kayte I love this post. I haven’t made a list but my intentions are really very similar to yours. Genuinely trying to live a bit more slowly and place less emphasis on success (as dictated by networking groups!). Reading, baking, making and time outside definitely make me a more content and generally nicer person so it’s a benefit for the rest of my family too! Looking forward to welcoming you at Oak Tree Barn in April when the garden will most definitely look less like a mud wrestling ring! xx