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“Wholesome marketing for soulful creatives”


In the last week, how many advice articles have you read that tell you what you ‘must do’ to be successful? Or that your business will fail if you don’t do ‘these five things right now’? How many of these told you something slightly different in an increasingly convoluted and overwhelming way?

Marketing truly sucks, right? Too much advice, too much complication, too much ick.

I’m not arguing with you. Modern marketing feels like a ruse to bamboozle you and take your wallet while you’re not looking. It dazzles and delights, but for creatives like us it can feel soulless and leave us needing a shower.

It shouldn’t be like this. Marketing your business should be intuitive, natural and completely ick-free. Growth should feel empowering and wholesome – and it can when you strip back the razzle-dazzle and work purposefully.

That’s what I do.

I simplify marketing and business concepts to help soulful creatives like you grow and market your business in a wholesome way, so you can achieve the life you want.

Maybe marketing doesn’t suck so much after all…

Creative Marketing Coaching

A marketer with three years in-house experience and a high-growth blogger and Instagrammer, I have designed three coaching packages to help you grow the life you want.

The Creative Review – a one off content and social marketing review to confirm you’re on the right track.

The Jump Start – 4 weeks of bespoke coaching and exercises to inject energy and inspiration into your business and get off that plateau

Design, Build, Live – a 12 week personal journey diving into the specifics of what’s holding you back and working together to build sustainable, wholesome growth

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