You have the right to believe that your business can provide you with the lifestyle you long for.

You have the capacity to market and grow in a sustainable way that is true to you.

You just don’t know how yet.

I’m here to guide you through; to help you find your own clarity and direction and to work together to create a marketing strategy that will make you grow with soul.

What I Do

I am a marketing expert (although I kind of hate how corporate that sounds). I’m good at spotting problems and thinking up ways to solve them. I’m good at knowing how words and pictures make people feel, and how that will make them behave. I’m good at seeing how all sorts of disparate channels and ideas can slot together to make a cohesive strategy. I believe that marketing can, and should, be a valuable and soulful activity that enriches both you and your customer.

Taking all my marketing experience and knowledge, I simplify the key concepts and break them down into their component parts so that together we can make sense of them and apply them to your business. I help you to find the clarity you need to ensure that all your marketing activity is purposeful and true to you. I guide you to a confidence in marketing that will enable you to continue to grow your business under your own steam.

There is no growth without marketing – I’m here to take away all the grossness, set you on the right path and instil you with the know-how to get you where you want to go.

My Values and Marketing Principles

Simplify, simplify, simplify

Really, marketing is not as complicated as all that online advice would have you believe – all those must-dos you read about are doing nothing but muddying the waters and dragging you off track. I believe in stripping away all the noise and creating a strategy that works for you and your customers, one that starts with clarity at its core and grows with value and purpose.

Be human

All that sales and marketing is is a value exchange between two people. As long as you hold that truth to heart and let it inform all that you do, you cannot help but create a successful and soulful business. People buy from people, so if through your products and communication you are your own intrinsically human self, you will create longer lasting and more valuable relationships.

Grow with soul

This is an ick-free zone – you’ll find none of those dirty marketing tricks here. I’m not here to get you quick wins that will make you feel gross and also not serve you on a long term basis. Growing with soul means to create a foundational marketing strategy rooted in a strong purpose and an aim to serve, that will in turn serve your business in a long term way.

Direction is key

Specific goals are useful, but can sometimes be constraining – they may limit your potential or crush your confidence. I believe that a strong sense of direction, a vision of the end of the road is often more useful for keeping you on the correct path and allowing you to grow into your new role as a marketer.

Serve with value

We’ll always look at ideas and possibilities through the lens of ‘who can I help?’. A focus on providing value is the only way to create a product that people will want to buy, and creating a relationship where they are willing to listen to you.

Sustainable growth

I’m not here to make you go viral so that you sell out of your product and then end up in a situation where no matter how hard you work you’re consistently letting people down and destroying all the joy in your business. We work on building a strategy that is sustainable, that fits around your lifestyle and what you’re able to do and that will build in a way that leaves you room for joy.

Feel the fear and do it anyway

This is the mantra my mother has always said to me. Sometimes we’ll work through things that you know are right for your business, but still feel really scary because they are new and exciting. At those times, I’ll ask you to feel the fear and do it anyway – hold your breath and jump in with me.

Want to hear more? I go into loads of detail about my marketing values and process in my interview on the Courage & Spice podcast.

Who I Help

I help creative and proudly independent business people who are stuck when it comes to soulfully growing and marketing their business. Perhaps you feel that your success is plateauing or you’ve lost momentum and direction and don’t know what kind of strategy or activities will get you out. Maybe you’re planning something new or a move in a different direction and you feel uncertain and confused about how to make it a success.

You are full of passion and belief in your product and are highly motivated to help it fulfil the potential you know that it has; just when it comes to strategy and marketing, you’re drawing a blank.

You seek clarity and direction, to clear the doubts and confusion in your mind, and need to know exactly where to lead your business and how to do it. You need to build your know-how and gain the confidence to believe that you are able to grow your business and achieve the lifestyle you long for.

How We Work Together

Think of me as your marketing colleague – together we’ll create a collaborative marketing strategy that fits you and your aims. In the process of getting there we’ll help you get clarity, iron out any problems, plug up your knowledge gap and bounce around ideas so you end up feeling confident in your new abilities as a marketer.

I’m not a consultant, I’m not going to tell you exactly what to do. I don’t presume to know you or your business better than you. Through conversations and practical tasks and exercises, I’ll help you to increase your understanding, teach you some tricks from my days as a Marketing Manager and work with you to grow your business with soul.

We will work collaboratively together to get you to the place you want to be.

You can expect me to be on your side, to challenge and grow your thinking and to always lead you out of confusion. In return, I expect you to be committed to growing with soul and be proactive in doing the work to make it happen.


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