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The number of followers you have is a false metric. Your follower number is just the first step on the way to the metric that counts: engagement.

What you are looking for in your social media are activists. People who believe in what you do, love your content and will engage with and share your work. You want people to seek out your Instagram posts, retweet your tweets and comment on your blog and buy your product.

This is what this book will help you to do. Building a community takes a little know how and lots of work and hours – there’s no such thing as an over night success. I can’t do the work for you, but I can give you the know how and point you in directions that will make your hours more effective.

We’ll be covering everything that I’ve used in growing my own small community, and in working for brands, to turn followers into activists. We’ll look at developing consistency, dive into exercises to get to know your audience, refine your content and style and look at how to do more purposeful engagment.

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