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I love talking about marketing. I love thinking up ideas and strategies that are going to make a difference to someone’s business, and I love that excited, high-pitched exchange in a conversation where you both just get it. I also believe that everyone has the right to build a business that feeds their soul and the ability to make that happen.

You just may need a little help along the way.

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So that’s why I’ve emptied so much of my knowledge and experience into these free resources – basically I just can’t help myself. As long as they help you take your first tentative steps into business, then I’m happy. All the resources here are based on my years of in-house marketing knowledge, as well as the exercises that my coaching clients have found the most useful.
So if you’re looking for inspiration and know-how to start marketing your business in a soulful way, you’ll get it all here.

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What resources will I get?

  • How To Build Your Online Community – an 18 page ebook packed with tips and tried and tested methods to build a community online and on Instagram that has helped over 500 people so far
  • Channel Planning 101 – an actionable workbook that helps you find out which channels you should be promoting your business on and how maximise your impact on them
  • Blog To Business In One Year Live Workshop – my video workshop detailing my story of starting a blog to quitting my job in under a year, with all the lessons I learnt to shorten your learning curve
  • Marketing Campaign Planner – a workbook of exercises to help you plan your marketing seasonally and push your product launches and campaigns

Plus, every time I release a new freebie I’ll send it straight to your inbox, so there’s no need for you to be filling in a sign up form every time you want something. Because that’s such a pain, right?

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Monthly Mail

As well as the resources you’ll also receive my Monthly Mail on the first weekend of the month (or thereabouts 😉). Now, Monthly Mail isn’t your average newsletter list. First of all, I’m super strict with it – I HATE having my inbox clogged with marketing emails so I only ever email you once a month unless a time-sensitive opportunity I think you’ll love comes up. Second of all, I know that most emails promise something valuable but end up being a bit disappointed, so I’ve worked really heard to make my emails as much of a resource as the workbooks you’re signing up for.

So here’s what you get in each instalment of Monthly Mail:

  • a letter from me with my learnings from life and business that month
  • a marketing challenge – a project or an idea to complete that month which will reinvigorate your business or help you see things differently
  • resources – new Instagram hashtags and helpful links from around the web
  • a creative prompt – a spark word to inspire your writing or photos that month, with my favourites being featured in the following newsletter

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“Kayte’s email is one of the few I read in full each month. Full of great tips, and useful advice, but even more than that you feel like she’s a supportive friend helping you along your business journey. Her words always inspire, and seem to pick up on just what I am feeling each month about life, creativity and freelancing. One for you if you need a cheerleader while you pursue you dreams!”
@siobhanwatts, photographer

Stop going on and let me sign up already!

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