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Freelance Marketing and Consultancy

Running your own business can be a slog at times, whether it’s just you on your own or you have a team of people. There’s always more you can be doing, more you think you should be doing, and it can feel like you spend your entire time firefighting in the day to day rather than growing your business.

No one told you this business thing was going to be a whole load of spinning plates, right?

In order for your business to grow, you need to focus your energy where you’re best – whether that is designing and creating new products, chatting to customers or driving strategy from the front. Everyone seems to think you have to master everything when you’re running a business – what you really need be doing is focusing on where your talents lie.

And for everything else, there’s me. I’m here to take over some of those spinning plates, and get the super glue out for the ones that’ve dropped. I’m here to take over the marketing jobs you’ve never got round to, allowing you to get on with what’s important to you.

Running your business should be giving you the lifestyle you dreamed of, so I’m here to help you achieve that.

And who am I? I’m a marketer with 3+ years in house experience and a high growth blogger and Instagrammer. A trusted pair of hands, I specialise in strategic marketing planning and problem solving, writing content and copy that sells and building online community through social media.

A marketing freelancer and creative coach based in North Wales, I can work remotely for your business, or we can arrange some in-house days to really hammer things out (travel outside of Gwynedd may be chargeable). For in-house days or one-to-one workshops, please email me with details.

If remote freelance marketing is what you’re after, have I got the services for you. Each service is split into two packages – the Launch and Standard. The Launch packages include reviewing and consulting on where you are now and forging a plan for growth moving forward; if you just need someone to do the work, then the Standard packages are for you.

Freelance Marketing Services:

Marketing strategy

Launch Package – £100

  • analyse your business goals and challenges
  • review your current marketing channels and activity
  • create a marketing plan for your launch or for a 3 month period – this includes an editorial calendar, social media plan, web content review, business development

Standard Package – £50 per month

  • month on month metric tracking across social media and Google Analytics
  • measuring success against agreed goals and KPIs
  • mapping trends and looking out for peaks and troughs

Social media services

Launch Package – £250

Whether you need a brand new social media presence or a re-launch of your existing channels, this package is for you. Here’s what you’ll get from me:

  • analyse your goals and challenges when it comes to social media
  • review your current activity
  • set up channels and branding (if applicable)
  • create a social media plan for short, medium and long term success
  • create content (including blog posts and photography) to post across your channels
  • post brand-appropriate and branded content to your social media channels at agreed times (for one month)
  • engage with users in your target audience during core engagement times (for one month)

Standard Package – from £100 per month (dependent on volume)

If you’re happy with your strategy but need someone to consistently post and engage for you and help manage your community, here’s what I can do for you:

  • posting brand-appropriate and branded content to your social media channels at agreed times
  • engaging with users in your target audience during core engagement times
  • managing paid social media if required
  • optional extra – content creation (including blog posts and Instagram posts) – £50 per month

Content and copywriting services

Launch Package – £200

Content is king – great for SEO, brand loyalty, social media, email marketing, PR… If you haven’t got a content strategy then you really do need to have one. Content is the foundation of online marketing and business, so here’s how I can help you:

  • analyse your business goals
  • review current on site copy and blog content
  • create a content plan and editorial calendar to help reach your goals
  • optimise current on site copy for search keywords, brand voice and engagement
  • write one month’s worth of blog content
  • write offline copy if required
  • write, design and send one newsletter via MailChimp

Standard Package – from £100 per month (dependent on volume)

If you know all about content but struggle to find the time to update your blog, your not hitting your keywords or your product copy just isn’t converting, then here’s how I can help:

  • writing blog content
  • consistent review of on-site copy performance
  • offline copy for press or brochures, flyers etc.
  • optional extra – writing newsletter and email content, designing emails in MailChimp and sending out to your lists – £20 per email

(Note: if you want to learn to do this stuff for yourself, my Creative Business Coaching might be for you).

The packages aren’t hard and fast – no business is one size fits all so we can chop and change what we work on depending on the needs of you and your business.

PS – if you want to sponsor content on the blog or Instagram, would like me to guest post on your site or be interviewed on Simple & Season, please email me for my media kit and a chat.