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The Tea Journey: Sichuan Dew

Hello and welcome to a special May instalment of the Tea Journey. I want to break with the structure we’ve been following for the Tea Journey so far to really focus on the experience. Following on from last week’s Health, Happiness and Hustle post, I…

May 7, 2017
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Health, Happiness and Hustle

Any mention of ‘self care’ gets a bit of an eye roll from me, to be honest. Aside from the odd bubble bath it’s never something I’ve gone in for, using stress and Lucozade to get me sleeplessly through deadlines, exams and web builds.…

May 1, 2017
Simple Marketing

How To Style Your Windowsill For Instagram

Regular checkers of my Instagram will no doubt be familiar with my windowsills. They are a semi regular backdrop, and one of only a handful of places in my house that are photogenic enough to be used in my photo-taking. I think windowsills are…

April 9, 2017
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14 Beautiful Untranslatable Words

With the worldwide domination of ‘hygge’, and the increasing prevalence of its little sister ‘fika’, untranslatable words, particularly from Scandinavia, are rather in vogue. On our little island we are quick to borrow traditions, cuisines and language from other cultures – hence why we…

April 1, 2017
Seasonal Stomach

What To Eat This Season: Spring

Spring is here, and I don’t know about you but I’m starting to feel excited about food again. I do like a bit of stodge now and then, but the long winter of pies, chilli con carne and root vegetables has got me craving…

March 29, 2017
Simple Self

Hello To Spring!

The last month and a half have seen me be in not such a good head space – stressed, chaotic, anxious about everything. I was hoping that that the change of season would bring about a change in my chaos, but the fact I’m…

March 26, 2017