How To Sell Without Selling
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How To Sell Without ‘Selling’

When running your own creative business, selling and marketing becomes a large part of the job description, although most of us feel completely put off by the whole concept of selling. Over on Instagram a few weeks ago @nonisadzi asked “how do I attract…

August 8, 2017
Simple Marketing

How To Use Visual Tropes To Build Your Audience

Last month Instagrammer extraordinaire Hannah Argyle wrote on her blog about Instagram clichés. There is so much negativity around what people perceive to be the clichés of Instagram (particularly as we come out of peony season..) that it was nice to read a sympathetic…

July 20, 2017
Simple Marketing

4 Ways To Respond To A Creative Prompt

We all get that blank page fear – whether you’re sitting down to a planning session, writing a blog post or getting the camera out, we all know how it feels to demand creativity from ourselves and get nothing in response. As much as…

July 12, 2017
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How To Get Inspired – from the Instagram Community

I quite often ask big open-ended questions in my Instagram captions. I love seeing how different people’s brains work, how differently we all see the world, but also how many threads of similarity bind us together. Of nothing is this more true than creative…

June 25, 2017
Simple Marketing

How Online Community Can Improve Your Life And Business

Community seems to be everywhere right now. In every Twitter chat, Instagram caption and online conversation, the importance of online community is on everybody’s lips. At this year’s Blogtacular, community was a running theme throughout the talks, all the way to the ‘My Tribes…

June 18, 2017
Interiors Simple Pleasures

3 Interior Design Commandments

My head is full to the brim with houses right now. For those of you who don’t follow me on Instagram, you have missed out on the saga of the last month – we’ve found a new home and are moving 202 miles away…

June 4, 2017